Bat survey and mitigation

PBA Applied Ecology’s team has experience in all aspects of bat survey and habitat mitigation projects.


All bat species within the UK are protected by UK and European legislation. The protection provided by these laws means that it is illegal to: kill or disturb bats and obstruct, damage, or destroy places where bats rest (roosts). Consequently, activities that may require a Natural England licensed bat survey or subsequent mitigation can often include: developments that include demolition or alterations of buildings or structures and the removal of some trees and hedges.


It can be difficult to determine if bats are present within a site and how they may be utilising the habitat. PBA Applied Ecology’s highly experienced staff and key partners are capable of providing simple advice regarding bats and development. We have the skills and experience to undertake bat scoping surveys, building inspections, emergence and activity surveys, and remote monitoring. Should bats be found to be present, PBA have an excellent track record of managing licensed bat mitigation, including obtaining the necessary licenses and the planning and supervision of projects from start to finish. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and cost effectiveness, and our strong working links with local regulatory bodies proves beneficial to many projects.


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