Bird surveyPBA Applied Ecology provides specialist bird survey services, including important upland, moorland and wetland habitats.


All wild bird species in the UK are protected from killing, injury and taking under theWildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended). Some species, such as barn owl, are afforded additional protection from disturbance whilst nesting. Legislation makes it an offence to take, damage or destroy a nest while in use or being built, and to take or destroy the eggs of any nesting bird.


Developments which may pose a risk to birds may require a bird survey to be undertaken in order to determine the presence of birds and consequent potential for disturbance. The requirement for a bird survey may either be the result of project scoping or the condition of a planning application. PBA Applied Ecology carry out bird surveys using a range of industry recognised techniques as appropriate. These include:

      Breeding bird survey

    Bird survey Wintering bird survey

     Moorland bird survey

     Wetland bird survey

     Seabird survey

     Raptor survey

     Vantage point/activity survey



Bird surveys are often season specific; breeding bird surveys are typically scheduled between March and June, and winter bird surveys November – February. Contacting an ecologist early in the development process may prevent unexpected delays or costs at later stages. Please contact us with any queries if you believe you may require a bird survey or would like further details.




Bird survey calendar