White-clawed crayfish survey

Protected Species


PBA’s teams of ecologists are highly experienced at planning and undertaking all manner of protected species surveys and mitigation works, having worked with a wide range of clients, including regulatory bodies, universities, developers and the public.


Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, a range of species and their habitats/shelters are protected from disturbance or destruction by law. The act and its amendments affords special protection measures to species such as otter, white-clawed crayfish, great crested newts, all species of bats, and many bird species. Rare and endangered plants are given protection under schedule 8.


Otter surveySurveys for protected species should be undertaken by licenced surveyors. If protected species are present, licensed mitigation measures may need to be put in place before development can be completed. PBA design mitigation projects and acquire licences for a wide range of protected species.


Initial scoping surveys can be used to assess the presence or likely absence of protected species at a site and to assess the need for further surveys and/or mitigation works. For more information on the survey and mitigation services we provide for protected species and habitats, please follow the links to our services pages below:



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White-clawed crayfish





If you have a development that you think may have the potential to disturb protected species, or would like more advice regarding protected species survey and mitigation, please contact us.