Hydroelectric ecology

PBA has experience in providing ecological and environmental support for a range of renewables projects, and our office locations put us within reach of many areas of high renewables potential.



PBA has worked on a range of hydroelectric developments at all stages of work. We deliver extended phase 1 surveys and specialist species surveys (fish, vegetation crayfish, etc.) for the planning stage.


Prior to works commencing, the team may help to develop working method statements that assist in the efficient, timely and low impact installation. At the start of works, we are able deliver comprehensive fish and crayfish rescues, and implement pollution controls to effectively control any risk of downstream impacts. The team monitor works and provide advice to contractors as and when required. The combination of pre-work and during-works involvement of our ecologists has helped to ensure the smooth delivery of projects, and the confidence of regulatory bodies.



PBA have delivered a range of surveys for wind developments, including extending phase 1 surveys, bird activity and GCN surveys.


Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any enquiries regarding renewables. We would be happy to discuss potential solutions regarding existing or planned projects.