Training Courses


Crayfish TrainingPBA currently deliver three training courses for the Chartered Institute of Ecology & Environmental Management (CIEEM), based at locations in Cumbria, North Yorkshire and Hertfordshire


Introduction to White-clawed Crayfish

This one-day course provides a basic introduction to the native white-clawed crayfish, which is predicted to face near-extinction in this country within decades. Parts of North West England support some of the strongest remaining populations. This one-day course is located at an isolated headwater of the River Kent SAC. Special permission has been obtained so that participants will be able access this normally private site. The course offers a unique opportunity to become familiar with white-clawed crayfish at one of its last strongholds, the conservation context, and priorities for this most threatened freshwater species.


Working with Crayfish: survey, ecology & mitigation

This popular residential workshop, now in its 12th year, provides a field-based introduction to working with crayfish, in a marvellous setting of the Yorkshire Dales. An authoritative and practical review of crayfish ecology and field methods is presented, including both standing and flowing water sites. Over two days/nights, participants will become familiar with handling, identifying and surveying crayfish, together with actions aimed at conserving our native species and controlling the spread of invasive non-native crayfish species. Early booking is recommended – this course frequently fills up well in advance.


Crayfish in Britain - natives and invasive non-natives

The economic and ecological impacts of invasive crayfish in Britain are becoming increasingly apparent. This one-day course provides a unique opportunity to see most of the crayfish species that now occur in the wild in Britain. Invasive non-native crayfish, of several species, are becoming an increasing dominant component of freshwater systems throughout southern Britain.

With special permission from the Environment Agency, the course shows participants live American signal crayfish, narrow-clawed (Turkish) crayfish, red swamp crayfish, virile crayfish, and native white-clawed crayfish. It also provides an introduction to all other non-native species that have been recorded, or might be illegally introduced to Britain. The invasion ecology of each species is described.


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