PBA Applied Ecology provides clients with efficient, well-targeted, and technically competent services that benefit the conservation management of natural habitats, native species and ecosystem function.


Our strength is applied ecology – the practical application of life sciences to real life situations. We are acknowledged for problem solving and the successful completion of large scale projects on highly sensitive sites (SSSI, SAC, etc). However, our focus on efficiency and flexibility is beneficial for projects of all scope and scale.

Working throughout the UK from our base in the Yorkshire Dales we offer a wide range of services, including: ecological surveys, protected species surveys – with a specialism in aquatic ecology, creative conservation solutions and mitigation schemes. For example, PBA are nationally renowned for our work with white-clawed crayfish, providing a complete range of survey, mitigation and conservation services, as well as delivering the CIEEM crayfish training courses. In addition, PBA have unparalleled UK experience in the environmental planning and practical management of in-channel river works, and have earned an outstanding reputation for effective containment and protection of sensitive freshwater ecology. 


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  • Freshwater Ecology
  • Protected Species Mitigation
  • Protected Species Survey
  • River Restoration
  • Landscape Ecology