Freshwater ecology researchPBA is involved in a number of research projects, and continues to assist select students from a number of universities with planning and support for leading research projects.


Diet composition of Eurasian otters (Lutra lutra) at Malham Tarn

This research project began at Malham Tarn in 2012. Otter Spraint was collected from several locations around the tarn and analysed to identify prey.  The percentage frequency of occurrence and the estimated biomass of each prey species or group was calculated for each month of sampling. The dietary composition and the effect of otters on their prey species was discussed in the first years report.


The 2012 analysis work was carried out by UCL MSc student Emily Alderton. Samples were collected by Emily, PBA staff and National Trust staff, with the student accommodated by Malham Tarn Field Centre. Sampling has been continued by the National Trust for a continuation of the works.


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